XTR Analogue 02

XTR Analogue 02 provides a true centralized recording solution for large and small applications. XTR Analogue 02 connects to the analogue extension wiring of your telephone system, or directly onto your incoming analogue lines. This hardware also comes complete with BackOffice software and Call Manager 1.0. This software resides on a PC/Server in the PBX room.

XTR Analogue 02

XTR Analogue 02 Features:

  • Mix any combination of digital and analogue connections
  • Stack up to 6 XTR Analogue devices per PC and combine with Digital 04s on the same system for up to 48 combined ports per PC
  • Direct line or behind PBX connection
  • Caller ID and digits dialed recorded
  • Audio balancing on per port basis
  • Store calls anywhere on your network
  • Ignore short calls setting - eliminates very short recordings
  • Archive management on a per channel basis
  • Simple to set-up and change as needed

If you would like to lear more about the comprehensive XTR Analogue 02, call or contact us today.

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