XTR Professional Software

Our world-class hardware solutions are complimented by a suite of software applications designed to maximize the information extracted from your recording archive. Modular, expandable functionality is delivered via four easy to use packages:

XTR Agent Desktop

XTR Software Pannel

XTR Agent Desktop is provided with our XTR Digital 01 hardware, allowing you to build a comprehensive agent-based distributed recording solution with a localized or centralized archive. XTR Agent Desktop is also a great tool to allow your agents to listen to their own recordings where communications room recording is implemented using XTR Digital 04 and XTR Digital 16 hardware.

XTR Desktop Recording Features:

  • XTR Desktop comes as standard with the XTR Universal Adapter, XTR Secure Digital Call Recorder, and the XTR Digital 01
  • After-Call Screen Pop allows you to manage archive in real time
  • Automatic or manual recording settings
  • GSM compression gives 170 hours recording per GB
  • Time & date stamp on every recording
  • Caller ID and dialed digits detection
  • Add comments/notes to assist searching
  • Highlight important calls
  • Snapshot feature allows playback of current call while still recording

XTR Desktop Playback Features:

  • Level indicator gives call activity
  • Drag and drop curser rapidly locates key points in conversation
  • Pause & continue manual controls
  • Restrict specified users from stopping, pausing, deleting or exporting recordings
  • Search & list calls by:
    • Time & date
    • Duration
    • Caller ID or dialed digits
    • Comments/notes made
    • Importance
  • Email recordings to colleagues (as .wav file or compressed file)
  • One touch convert to .wav

XTR Call Manager

XRT Call Manager

Provided as standard with XTR Digital 04 and XTR Digital 16, Call Manager is a powerful supervisor monitoring application allowing search, playback, and export of recordings across multiple agents.

Call Manager Features:

  • Search and playback recordings across multiple agent groups
  • Play, pause, fast forward, and rewind recordings
  • Create shortcuts for instant agent and workgroup recording lists
  • Add notes for follow up
  • Make a storage vault for one-touch copy to private storage location
  • Export recordings in .wav format or email

XTR Reporter

XTR Manager

XTR Reporter, an optional package, provides advanced retrieval and reporting features for the supervisor who wants extra tabular and graphical analysis and export for report generation. Reporter also adds advanced playback functionality for listening to recordings more efficiently.

XTR Reporter Additional Playback Features:

  • Use Speed Control to play recordings faster or slower to quickly identify and capture key points of a conversation
  • Call Slice allows you to easily cut, paste, and email only the "important" part of a conversation
  • Auto-Playback allows a supervisor to continuously playback a list of recordings in succession
  • Random Playback allows you to listen to a random selection of recordings from a sample
  • Look up the directory listings of a number using the most popular online directories with Reverse Directory Number Search
  • A variety of reports can be compiled and printed in graphical or tabular format. Clicking on a report will allow playback of the associated recording
  • The comprehensive reports can be generated using agent statistics, day, week, month, or year.
  • Once compiled, reports can be exported in a variety of formats for insertion into departmental reports

XTR Call Score

XRT Call Score

Call Score is an add-on package to XTR Reporter that uses sophisticated weight-based scoring for agent call grading. XTR Call Score is ideal for environments where agent performance and formalized improvement techniques are required. Call Score allows a supervisor to score an agents performance during any particular call. This software is ideal for providing formalized improvements for agents, as well as a perfect way to track increased performance over time. Call Score uses sophisticated weighting techniques to build percentage scores from a set of supervisor determined parameters.

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