XTR Network Connectivity

XRT Network Connectivity

With XTR Professional hardware and software, you have total control and management capabilities. You determine where XTR Professional stores the calls for each agent. The efficient file structure means you can store 170 hours of recording per Gigabyte (that’s almost 14,000 hours of recording on a standard 80 GB hard disk). You can access the recording archive from any PC on your network via XTR Desktop, XTR Call Manager or XTR Reporter and archive calls to CD, DVD or other media.

Each recorded extension can have unique archive settings (local or remote). You can set thresholds to record calls above a minimum duration and choose to auto delete calls after a certain period, or when a certain disk usage limit is reached.

XTR Professional offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution available today:

  • A powerful system that provides a direct interface to your current phone system, including Toshiba, Nortel, Panasonic, Avaya, Samsung, Siemens, Telrad, NEC, Tadiran, Vodavi and many more.
  • Capture caller ID, dialed number, and more, as search parameters on most telephone systems.
  • Add our Reporting package, XTR Reporter, to run agent call statistics such as Call Volume by agent, Call length by agent, Call Volume by Caller ID, Call Volume time line and more.
  • Add our Quality package, XTR Call Score, to evaluate agent calls and generate quality reports.
  • No installation fees or ongoing costs - just a small initial investment and you’re done!
  • Financing is also available. Contact us for details

For more information about XTR solution connectivity or XTR hardware and software, call or contact us today.

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