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Our comprehensive and affordable workforce management software programs are the best on the market for optimizing agent productivity and customer service relations. By improving the efficiency of your call center, you can increase savings and sales and decrease lost time and money.

AgentTime™ Scheduler is an affordable new product designed specifically for small and medium size call centers. This package includes our Call Center Designer and SimACD software, the most powerful staffing analysis and forecasting tools in the industry, to create agent schedules based on a database of agents, shift definitions, availability, and preferences provided by you. AgentTime produces the most efficient schedule possible by analyzing those factors against call volume and agent sales. If other call center workforce management programs' hefty price tags deterred you from using this type of product in the past, consider AgentTime - the affordable and prudent choice for workforce management.

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Using this incredible software package, you can...

  • Forecast staffing using an Erlang formula or our one-of-a-kind SimACD simulation algorithm.
  • Incorporate shifts of any definition, non-phone work, and optimize placement of lunches and breaks.
  • Print agent schedules or format them into HTML for viewing on a website or server drive.
  • Direct the program to take into account agents' preferences in shift assignment.
  • Easily make changes to agents' schedules after the agent group schedule is created

Call Center Designer™ takes the guesswork out of operating a call center. Simply input your service goals, call center costs, call volumes, and average call length, and Call Center Designer will tell you how many agents and inbound lines you will need during each period of the workday in order to reach your goals. It can also be used to predict performance of your call center for the week, day, hour, or minute, which lets you, the designer, know when and where changes need to be made.

SimACD™ is an exciting add-on module to Call Center Designer. This program allows you to see how various changes would affect your call center without actually requiring you to implement those changes. By inputting various parameters that reflect the changes you might be considering, your simulated call center receives calls which are answered by agents, met with busy signals, overflowed, or abandoned just as real calls would be in your real call center depending on your available agents and inbound lines. This simulation is run in compressed time, so that each simulated second is represented by a few microseconds of real time on your computer.

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What If...

  • I want to change my service level?
  • Someone wants unexpected time off?
  • I want to project my staffing requirements for the holiday or other period of irregular call volumes?
  • The agent pool is suddenly reduced/increased?
  • Additional after call work is required?

With the power of AgentTime™ Scheduler, you can precisely predict how these and other factors may impact your call center. Aside from the business intelligence gained through the use of this program, it saves you and your agent supervisors time by creating schedules and making them easy to distribute to your agents.

With CRC's affordable and efficient workforce management software, you can greatly enhance your call center's productivity. For more information about AgentTime™ Scheduler, Call Center Designer™, or SimACD™, contact us today.

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