Trunk-side call recording is a configuration that allows you to record all inbound and outbound calls without using an independent recording channel for each phone you wish to record. If you have 60 phones receiving 30 calls at once through two T-1 carriers, 30 recording channels will be needed. Another advantage of this configuration is that it is compatible with any switch type.

A trunk-side recording device captures calls at the front of the switch as they enter and exit your network, so station-to-station calls within the network are not recorded. However, incoming and outgoing calls are recorded in their entirety, so the call will continue being recorded even if it is transferred to another agent, put on hold, then transferred to a supervisor. Data collected by this type of recording device includes all that your switch is capable of providing, usually including date, time, extension, agent ID, dialed or incoming number, ANI/DNIS, and sometimes more.

Features and Benefits
  • Separate recording channel not needed for each phone
  • Captures entire call including hold and all transfers
  • Captures all data provided by your switch
  • Compatible with any type of switch

Trunk Side Recording

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