Station-side call recording is a configuration that allows you to record outbound, inbound, and station-to-station calls to and from a selected pool of phones within your network. The recording device must be able to interface with your existing IP phones, and the phone model numbers must be known and available to your recording vendor.

The station-side recording device will record all calls handled by any phone connected to it. However, if the call is transferred to another phone that is outside of the pool of connected phones, even if it is within your network, the call will no longer be recorded. The type of data recorded by a station-side recorder is dependent on the type of switch your network uses and the type of phones that are connected. Ordinarily, the data that can be captured and cataloged with the call recordings include the same information that is shown on your phone display along with with date, time, call length, and usually the agent. The data collected will usually include the dialed number, extension, caller ID, etc.

Station Side Recording

Features and Benefits
  • Used for selective recording, total recording, business rules recording, or recording on demand
  • Data can be saved in any desired destination by defining archiving path and recycling formula
  • Live monitor function enables you to playback up to two phone calls and four agents' desktop activity concurrently
  • Immediate replay allows you to replay calls from the start while the call is ongoing. This can help resolve issues quickly and efficiently
  • Fully web-based GUI
  • Capable of being integrated into CRM programs to access calls via CRM interface


Live Monitor both voice and screens, rewind live calls.

If you have questions about the necessary hardware to run station-side call recording, the features and benefits it offers, or our services at Call Recording Center, please contact us.

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