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StarTel telephone systems are mainly used in a niche market. Therefore, finding StarTel recording systems can be difficult. Connecting a recording system may be easy, but getting call control is much more complicated than it is with other systems. CRC's relationship with StarTel makes it possible for us to provide integration to the StarTel switch. This integration provides true call starts and stops, which is critical to ensuring your calls don't run together and/or get broken into pieces.

CRC can provide your solutions for StarTel 5700 call recording, which will not only enable you to playback customer calls, but also to search your call data by customer ID in addition to the usual search parameters of date, time, call length, agent or team ID, or comment category. Our StarTel recording solutions also allow you to use a web interface to search and replay recorded calls off-site. If your business could benefit from gaining additional business intelligence, our StarTel solutions can also be integrated with CRC Quality Monitoring Suite, which gives you the power to evaluate, analyze, and report on the performance of your agents, programs, and processes.

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