SIPREC Overview

  • Supports whole call, selective & interactive session recording
  • SIPREC is an extension to SIP
  • SBC is active recording element & INVITES the recording server to fork Media
  • Metadata of SIP session delivered as part of the SIPREC protocol

The Session Recording Protocol is used for establishing an active recording session and reporting of the metadata of the communication session.

Session Recording Server (Crystal Quality) is an SIP User Agent that acts as the sync for recorded media.

Session Recording Client or SRC, is an SIP User Agent that acts as the source of the recorded metadata & media, sending it to CQ. The Session Recording Client could be a personal device, such as an SIP phone, an SIP Media Gateway (MG), a Session Border Controller (SBC), Media Server, or an Application Server.

Crystal Quality Recorder is session based recording solution for SIPREC provides customers with a very convenient but powerful recording methodology based on the SIPREC open standard. Crystal Quality will receive a SIP invite from the SRC (typically an SBC) proving the call metadata for the actual call to be recorded.

  • Simple setup and integration with various 3rd party vendors such as BroadSoft.
  • Recording of Trunk or Station side conversations.
  • Single and Multi-Site
  • CQ is very affordable. Concurrent based recording licenses.
  • CQ installation is easy and so is management. A typical install can be done in less than 1 day.

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