ShoreTel Active TAPI-WAV Call Recording

CRC enables companies to utilize the ShoreTel Active TAPI-WAV method with our Crystal Quality (CQ) recording system. This allows CQ call recording software to request a copy of the audio media for any given call direct from the ShoreTel trunk gateway, eliminating the need for special IP network configurations (e.g. port mirroring) and enabling seamless interoperability with encrypted voice communications. In this environment, the CQ call recording software will be aware of trunk delivered data including the outside party number, inbound dialed number (DID or DNIS) and call direction as well as each extension that joins the call and for how long. It uses this information to start or stop recording, assign access permissions, deliver search results, and trigger workflow actions like live monitoring sessions. This information is also used to enable desktop integrated capabilities such as agent screen recording, user call tagging, and CRM application integration.

A single CQ recording system can be deployed to record calls via active TAPI-WAV integration in a distributed ShoreTel network. CQ recording system can accommodate up to 600 extensions in a single server.

CQ Recording System Networking

When recording is required for multiple locations, CQ recording systems can be seamlessly networked to provide a single source for live monitoring calls as well as for call recording search/playback. In addition, all administrative tasks for networked systems can be performed through a single interface, and this does not require any special licensing. Recordings from each location can be stored locally at each site, at one central location, or on a common network-attached storage (NAS) unit or storage area network (SAN).

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