Crystal Quality

Crystal Quality call recording solution adapts and grows with your organization and can be configured to your unique environment. PCI Compliance and integration to your CRM and other applications is not only possible, but affordable.

CQ is a full featured solution designed to improve your contact center’s operational performance. CQ is affordable enough for the small center and a flexible, full-featured option for the large center. Crystal Quality provides the flexibility, efficiency, and power to handle all of your recording needs.

Crystal Quality Recorder is session based recording solution for SIPREC provides customers with a very convenient but powerful recording methodology based on the SIPREC open standard. Crystal Quality will receive a SIP invite from the SRC (typically an SBC) proving the call metadata for the actual call to be recorded.

  • Simple setup and integration with various 3rd party vendors such as BroadSoft.
  • Recording of Trunk or Station side conversations
  • Single and Multi-Site
  • CQ is very affordable. Concurrent based recording licenses.
  • CQ installation is easy and so is management. A typical install can be done in less than 1 day.

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Crystal Quality Voice and Screen Recording
Crystal Quality Management Suite
Crystal Quality Agent Application
Crystal Quality Screen Analytics Engine
Crystal Quality's CQ dashboard

Crystal Quality Features

Crystal Quality's CQ dashboard keeps you up to date on the productivity and progress of your call center. With CQ, you can evaluate as many agents as needed with our simplified licensing. Our extensive quality management module can be added to the CQ Recorder, which allows you to simultaneously play back your agents recorded screens with voice recordings to identify workflow issues and improve customer satisfaction. CQ Recorder can also provide full PCI Compliance that is affordable and configurable to automatically omit recording of sensitive data. CQ's Planner provides priority-based scheduling, allowing you to define call recording schedules based on user-defined variables and priority rankings to ensure that high priority calls are not missed. You can block call recording (and/or screen recording) on specific call profiles or create custom recording rules based on call direction, ANI, DNIS, department, agent, team and more. Archiving allows you to decide storage term and which calls are archived indefinitely based on a given data point.

  • Total, Selective, Record-On-Demand, Remote Agents, Business Rules base recording of calls
  • PCI Compliance
  • CRM Integration
  • Screen Recording
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Live Monitoring of voice and screens
  • Screen Live Monitoring can be provided as a stand-alone system
  • Reporting – Call Statistics, Agent Evaluations, Trending, Scorecard, Connect to any database
  • Planner – define what you want to record (voice and/or screens)
  • Archive – define what to archive, how long to store your calls
  • Voice Analytics

Immediate Positive Impact on How You Do Business

Customer interactions are an important opportunity to drive customer satisfaction and maintain loyalty. CQ allows you to maintain the highest levels of quality without sacrificing time or resources. CQ enables you to improve the knowledge and skill of your center's personnel.

Crystal Quality's CQ reporting

Efficient and Effective Quality Management

The skill and knowledge level of your agents impacts every metric in your call center. CQ enables you to evaluate and measure their current level to improve the knowledge and skills of your agents, positively impacting every metric/KPI:

  • Handle time
  • Time in queue
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Revenue
  • Service level

Playback synchronized call and screen recordings simultaneously for easy scoring. Flexible, easy-to-use form builder lets you create custom forms in minutes. You determine the type of question (Yes/No, Pick List, Drop Down, Text, etc) and subsections.

The contact center is the most customer-facing department, and at the heart of the contact center is the agent. Every interaction could earn a new customer, retain a current customer, or lose a customer. These tools help to closely monitor your staff against a consistent set of Key Performance Indicators. You now have the tools to offer personalized coaching to hone skills and track the effectiveness of on-going coaching.

Unique to Your Business

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of call recording. CQ provides an affordable solution, in any environment, to meet your requirements. Businesses face distinct challenges in addressing issues such as compliance, customer service, dispute resolution, and training. CQ provides that flexible, robust product that can be configured to your specific application and still keep you within your budget.

Crystal Quality's CQ data output

Reporting - The Output

Detailed reporting provides insight to the data you collect, so you can make decisions based on the metrics that matter most. CQ gives you access to a library of standard reports along with the ability to create and share custom reports. It takes a thorough understanding of your unique business drivers to deliver an effective quality management program. Our reporting package and dashboard can be used to spot trends as they emerge at the group or individual level. Find your top performers and use their recordings for coaching and training, or identify those individuals in need of coaching and what skills may be regressing.

More Data - More Insight

CQ also provides the right tools to extract and deliver relevant data to the different business units. Without the right tools, decision makers can waste valuable time and resources before addressing the true needs of the organization. Use CQ's reporting to dive deep into your data, spotting performance trends at each level of your organization. Leverage calibration reports to ensure consistent scoring across all evaluators. Filter your reports by date range, groups/departments, agents, or managers/supervisors.

We can show you how to index your calls with business data to collect data on products, marketing campaigns, services, etc. This isn't a third party service collecting marginal data, this is real input directly from the customer. Listen to their tone of voice, what are they asking, what are they saying about your products and services, your competitions' products and services? Having the answers to such questions, in your customers' own words, is a game changer.

Quality - Immediate Impact

If the knowledge in your call center improved, can you name one metric that would not improve along with it? Think about it. Knowledge is at the core of every metric in the call center. For example, if knowledge improves, agents can respond more quickly to customer needs and service level, hold time, and handle time improve.

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