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One of our most requested phone recording systems is for customer owned Toshiba DK or Toshiba CTX. Toshiba call recording is actually pretty straight forward with our interface, which connects directly to the Toshiba DK or Toshiba CTX digital phone. This interface can be provided to record only a small number of phones or can be set up to record your whole center. Toshiba call recording can also be configured using trunk-side recording, which collects data from calls as they pass through T-1s.

While recording Toshiba phones the date, time, call duration, caller ID and/or dialed number can be captured and searched for in the database later. If you need more data indexed with your calls or want to use your recording system to gain business intelligence to further improve your call center, you might consider CRC Quality Monitoring Suite. This incredibly powerful suite allows you to evaluate, analyze, report, and train your agents' performances.

Supported Toshiba Systems:


PBX Type Phone Set Types
DK280 DKT Series
CIX DKT Series
CTX 100, 670 / CIX 100 DKT Series

Request a free demo CD today, or contact us to learn more about how we can help you record calls on your existing Toshiba phone system. If you're not sure which features you need from your Toshiba call recording solution, use our online solution advisor located at the bottom of this page to help guide you.

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