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NEC phone recording systems are very flexible and can be configured to each of the different recording types we provide. This flexibility makes it simple for you record the calls and data you need to improve your business or become PCI compliant.

We can configure recording solutions for many NEC phone systems, including NEC DTU, NEC DSX, and NEC America. If your needs are for NEC recording are not large, some very cost-effective options are available. By only recording a small number of phones, you can even leverage your current network and network drive space to reduce costs even more. CRC can also integrate evaluation and reporting tools with your NEC recording system to allow you to gain the business intelligence you need.

Supported NEC Systems:

PBX Type Phone Set Types
SV8300 Dterm 85/75 Series
SV8500 SIP only
NEAX 2400 IPX DTU-16D,-32D Elite
ETJ-16DC Series III
DTP-8D,-16D,-32D Series E(75)
Dterm Series I
Aspila EX IP1WW-24TSXH
Aspire DTU-16D,-32D Elite
DCU 60
DTP-8D,-16D,-32D Series E(75)
DTH-8D,-16D-1G Dterm 80
Apex 3600, 7400 DTR-16D
Electra Elite 192 DTU-16D,-32D Elite
DCU 60
DTP-8D,-16D,-32D Series E(75)
DTH-8D,-16D-1G Dterm 80
NEAX 2000, 2400IMS/IPS, 7400, 10000 Dterm 8D, 16D, 32D
Dterm Series 75
ETJ-16D Series III
Dterm Series E
Dterm Series 3
DCU 60
Dterm Series 1
DTL-24-1 (DT 300)
Professional DTU-16D,-32D Elite
DTP-8D,-16D,-32D Series E(75)
DTH-8D,-16D-1G Dterm 80
DCU 60
Univerge 8100/8300 DTL-6DE,-12D,-24D,-32D-1P(BK)TEL
DT 300

Request a free demo CD today, or contact us to learn more about how we can help you record calls on your existing NEC phone system. If you're not sure which features you need from your NEC recording solution, use our online solution advisor located at the bottom of this page to help guide you.

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