Random call recording can be a very flexible way for certain call centers and businesses to record calls. People often assume that this type of recording is the most cost-efficient. At the base level of functions and system integration, it can be, but not without the cost of other limitations. You can get started with random call recording at a relatively low cost, but in order to benefit from the full potential of the system, you must have a switch that provides computer telephony integration (CTI). Without a CTI package, you are unable to define parameters for sampling, save individual calls as opposed to a block of data containing many calls, or save call data with the call. Switch provided CTI packages can be expensive and may result in another recording option being more cost-efficient.

If you do choose to use random call recording with a CTI package, there are many conveniences that come with using this system. The data captured by the CTI package is usually more comprehensive than data collected solely from a dialer or other type of switch. A predetermined data property can also be selected and used to prompt recording. This type of recording can be especially advantageous for large call centers or businesses looking to minimize the cost of hardware. Case in point, if you need to monitor 300 agents, sample call recording can be accomplished by scheduling the system to record four calls per agent per month. This setup would require the use of 16 recording channels. You have control over which agents are recorded, and outbound, inbound, and station-to-station calls can be recorded.

Random Recording

Features and Benefits
  • Minimal hardware required relative to number of potentially monitored agents
  • CTI package indexes more comprehensive call data
  • Define which agents are recorded or specific data protocol to initiate recording
  • Include secondary site agents that are serviced by the same switch in the recording schedule

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