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In 2014, one phone call to a Comcast call center was recorded by a customer, uploaded to the internet, and damaged the reputation of the company's customer service for years to come. Most people reading this have probably heard, or at least heard about, the call in question, where a single agent used tactless communication methods to attempt to deny a customer cancellation of service. While we can safely assume that Comcast never trained or instructed the agent to act in this manner, he did nonetheless, and the public quickly projected the misguided employee's behavior onto the company as a whole. The internet was brooding with angry comments, and many people joined in to voice their own claims of receiving poor customer service from Comcast.

Training and observing on the call center floor can only give you a glimpse of what's actually happening between your agents and customers; the only way to get the whole picture is to utilize call recording, reporting, and quality monitoring systems. There are a wide array of recording, reporting, and quality monitoring features to choose from based on your company's specific needs. For large companies or companies whose main means of communication with their client base is the telephone, features like real-time playback and total recording may be essential. If a quality monitoring staff member had been listening to the infamous Comcast call, it may have been ended before things got out of hand. Even for smaller businesses, having extra liability protection can make a big difference.

Problems with agents following script, misrepresenting the company or products, or having generally poor etiquette might not be caught soon enough if agents are always aware of someone standing over their shoulder when they're observed. Call recording puts evaluation out of sight and out of mind for agents, and gives supervisors and quality management staff a clearer picture of what the norm is. This makes targeted training and problem resolution more efficient, saving you time, money, and possibly the reputation of your company.

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