Outbound call recording is employed by call centers that utilize a dialer. This type of recording requires that the recording device is interfaced with your dialer, not just your switch. Connection of the recording device and the dialer allows the calls to be captured separately. Otherwise, all calls from any phone would be recorded and saved as one continuous block of data. This type of call recording can be used with station-side or trunk-side configurations. However, the station-side configuration is the most practical and commonly used alongside an outbound or dialer call recording system. In most cases, integrating the dialer and recording device provides call data such as agent ID, dialed number, and extensions. This integration may also provide the option to index customer and campaign information.

Features and Benefits
  • Choose which phones are recorded - only calls from phones connected to the recording system are recorded.
  • "Tag" certain calls to track sales and productivity, making it easy to access or catalogue calls that were successful or fall under some other defined criteria.

If you are considering recording calls from your dialer call center, be sure that your recording systems supplier is capable of interfacing with your dialer. For more information or a free demo CD, contact us today.

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