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As more and more businesses realize the benefits of call recording, CRC leads the industry with the most comprehensive yet affordable call recording solutions available. Our powerful and customizable solutions can allow your business to improve customer service, reduce training costs, and comply with FCC regulations. Recording calls at your business allows you to document interactions between your employees and customers, taking the guessing out of who said what to whom and when. This process can not only enable you to resolve issues within the business more quickly, but also to prevent potential liability cases or loss of customers based on simple miscommunications.

Each medium business faces unique challenges in choosing call recording, quality monitoring, and workforce management solutions. CRC will work with you to deliver the most efficient and affordable system to meet your business' needs. Below, we have provided some guidance for small and medium call centers to help you understand how our call recording solutions can improve your business.

Medium Business VoIP Call Recording

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VoIP telephony systems are steadily gaining ground in the business world thanks to its impressive features and low cost. If your company utilizes a VoIP phone system, CRC can provide your business with the industry's leading VoIP recording technology systems. These systems offer all of the same major features and advantages of traditional PBX recording, but with less expensive initial costs and maintenance costs. Our powerful VoIP recording systems are ideal for improving your medium business' productivity and customer relationships at the lowest price.

If you would like more information about our VoIP recording solutions, click here or contact us today.

Traditional PBX Call Recording

For those businesses utilizing a traditional PBX phone system, we also provide powerful and affordable solutions that can help improve your business. Our PBX call recording systems can give your medium-size business all the advantages that large call centers experience from call recording. Our systems are designed to provide you with the business intelligence and quality assurance that your business needs to grow, and they are designed to grow with your business. Our systems boast state-of-the-art call recording features at a fraction of our competitors' prices.

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