PCI Compliant Solutions

If you collect your customers' credit card information, personal information, or other sensitive data, your business is required to comply with PCI regulations. This means that while recording, you are responsible for preventing that sensitive data from being recorded along with the rest of the call or screen capture. Confidential data cannot be recorded or stored at all, even in an encrypted format. Businesses who violate these regulations can face fines or other serious penalties including the loss of credibility and trust of the public.

CRC has developed the technology to allow you to pause voice recordings, desktop recordings, or both during the collection of confidential data while safely recording the rest of the call for evaluation or review. Our recording software can be controlled manually to stop and start recording at the agent/employee’s command, or it can be configured to automatically protect your company from violations. Using our PCI compliant recording system can allow your business to reap the benefits of call recording without the consequences of non-compliance.

PCI Compliance Made Easy and Affordable

At CRC we hope to make call recording as easy and affordable for our customers as possible. As part of that mission, we have been able to provide our PCI compliant call recording integration at a fraction of the cost of similar programs offered by our competitors. Integration can be completed in only a few days and ready to use in about a week. Whether your home office needs to be PCI compliant, or you're recording a whole workforce's headsets and screens, we can meet your PCI compliance needs and do so without breaking the budget.

If you have questions about our PCI compliance integration, please contact us today.

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