Below, we have assembled a number of questions we often hear from customers about call recording and related technologies. If you don't see an answer to your specific question, please fill out our contact form, and a call recording expert will be happy to help you.

Can you record on my telephone system?

We can provide a system that will work on any phone system. Once we understand how and what you want to record, we will present you with the options available and work with you to get what you want.

How will you connect to my phone system?

This depends on what you want to record and the type of system you have. Some of the options available are shown on our site under "Types of Call Recording."

How much does the system cost?

Cost depends on a number of different factors. However, we have been able to provide systems from just a couple of record channels to over 800 channels, for 30% to 40% less than competitive systems.

Do you have a system for small centers?

Recording can be provided in single increments starting from a single record channel. Your existing network infrastructure can be leveraged to keep your investment to a minimum. We can even provide basic call data reporting with this system.

What if we only have a few phones and only want to record some of our calls?

XTR systems can be setup to record all calls or give you the ability to start/stop recording with a mouse click.

Can we see a demonstration of the system?

A demonstration can be quickly set up to enable you to see how the application works.

How long does it take the install the system?

Depending on the size and level of integration, the systems can be installed in a matter of hours for small systems and up to three days on larger systems.

What level of training is included?

Initial training on your system is provided to get you going. For our larger systems the first training may not be enough for the group receiving the instruction, due to the fact that new users may not know what questions to ask. Once users get the opportunity to use the system for a few weeks we provide follow up training to answer the questions that surface from use.

How will we find specific calls?

Even on the smallest systems we can, in most cases, capture date, time, agent, caller ID, dialed number and sometimes more to index to the call. You can use these parameters, in any combination, to locate and play a call.

We currently use a paper form to evaluate calls. Can you incorporate this into the recording system?

Once again, we can provide reporting on even the smallest of recording systems.

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