Audio Conversion

Audio Conversion

Audio from existing, or old recordings, can be imported into our CQ recorder database and searched/replayed as a native file. Call Recording Center can incorporate this conversion, including calls and the call data, into a third party voice analytic tool. The audio is extracted directly from the media (without the need for the original equipment) and converted it to WAV files. We also extract all of the metadata and compile it into an Excel spreadsheet, CSV, XML, Microsoft Access, or any preferred format.

Extraction/conversion can be done in bulk restorations on hundreds of tapes or ad-hoc on demand retrievals (e.g. a handful of calls from a specific tape on a specific date and channel). We can also inventory your media to get an accurate list of calls, and even recover calls from damaged tapes and disks. The above diagram shows the steps in large volume centers.

Supported Voice Recorder and Media
  • ASC Marathon (DDS-2)
  • Audix voicemail, manufactured by AT&T, Lucent, Avaya (CD-RW, DVD-RAM, QIC, Travan, MO)
  • BT trading turrets with embedded voice loggers (NICE, Witness, Verint)
  • Comverse (now Verint) Ultra (DDS-1, DDS-2, DDS-3, MO)
  • CyberTech (nonstandard WAV files)
  • Dictaphone Guardian (DDS-2)
  • Dictaphone Freedom (nonstandard WAV files)
  • Eyretel E500, E1000 (DDS-2)
  • Eyretel (now Verint) MediaStore (DDS-3)
  • IPC trading turrets with embedded voice loggers (NICE)
  • Lanier LDL416, LDL848 (DDS-2)
  • Mercom (now Verint) Audiolog (DVD-RAM)
  • NICE NiceCall Focus (DDS-3, DDS-4, DVD-RAM)
  • NICE NiceLog versions 6 - 9 (DDS-2, DDS-3, DDS-4, DAT-72, AIT-1, AIT-2, DVD-RAM, and accompanying CLS database), including "NICE 8.9"
  • NICE Perform (NMF files and accompanying Interactions database)
  • NICE NTR (nonstandard WAV files)
  • Nortel CallPilot voicemail (QIC)
  • Northern Telecom Meridian Mail voicemail (QIC)
  • Racal Mirra (DVD-RAM)
  • Racal Wordnet (DDS-2, DDS-3)
  • Racal Wordnet Series 2 (DDS-3, DVD-RAM)
  • Thales (now NICE) Wordnet Series 3 (DVD-RAM)
  • Verint
  • Witness (now Verint) Impact 360 (nonstandard WAV files with accompanying XML metadata), aka "Witness 7.8"

If you have questions about our audio conversion capabilities, please contact us today.

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