Crystal Quality Voice and Screen Recording

Crystal Quality (CQ) is the most progressive and innovative voice and screen multimedia interaction recording solution available today. CQ offers the most comprehensive recording solution to fit all types of environments and recording needs. Solutions for all switches; for smaller centers to large, multi-site, multi-branch; from total recording to business oriented selective recording, you can easily deploy and configure your Crystal Quality recorder to suit your exact business requirements.

  • Crystal Quality - A unified web based multimedia recording solution for both TDM & VoIP environments.
  • Hybrid configuration – Combines all TDM, VoIP Extensions & Trunks including screen activities and database in a single server.
  • High density solution – 1000 monitored channels and 600 concurrent recordings per server.
  • Centralized control – Manage a multitude of servers from any location (centralized management solution).
  • Passive D - Channel recording and Active recording solutions (with fallback from CTI), can be switched in real-time if any malfunction detected.
  • Recording methods – Total, Selective, On-Demand, Scheduled and API Driven.
  • Recording triggers – D-channel, CTI, Vox, Manual and API.
  • Scenario reconstruction – Easily trace the entire process of an interaction throughout the system.
  • DLA–Dynamic license agreement – Concurrent recording license method including a smart planner for predefined business rules to achieve maximum interactions needed at a minimum cost.

Live Monitor

  • Real time agent call status display
  • Monitor agent calls in real time
  • Monitor agent screens at any time
  • Instant playback while call is still in progress
  • Map view display

Search and Playback

  • Locate recordings quickly and accurately by multiple search criteria
  • Create predefined search templates
  • Follow up on call routes by scenario reconstruction
  • Smart waveform display with split audio view
  • Download full or partial recorded clips

search and playback

CQ Planner

  • Create your own business recording rules to save license fees
  • Create recording strategy for your business needs (Total \QA)
  • Create white & black lists
  • Define business activity periods


  • Full security compliance with PCI-DSS
  • Proprietary encryption algorithm
  • Secure web based SSL access
  • Enhanced user management platform
  • Robust password policy

Archive and Recycle

  • Local and remote voice and screen archiving
  • Support for local, network and storage devices
  • Create archiving strategy by business rules
  • FIFO or keep policies for data recycling
  • Separate recycle rules for voice, screen and logs
  • Stand-alone player application for Archived calls

Diagnostics and Alarms

  • Alerts for any abnormal system behavior
  • Monitoring server and application behavior
  • Special license notification for DLA
  • Search alarm history
  • Email alerts and pop up application
  • Audit trail for users activities

CQ ScreenCap - Screen Recording

  • An application enables you to Real Time live monitor, capturing screen activities for service performance assurance, coaching etc.
  • Simultaneously replayed in Synch with Audio recordings and saved separately
  • Benefit from proprietary video compression algorithm, minimize your network load without compromising the quality of screen recording
  • Support all screen resolution, including 1920 X 1080P (Full HD)
  • User-defined color setting between 8 bits (256) color to 24 bits true color in order to save storage space and reduce network load
  • Flexible modes for screen recording including total recording, sampling recording, recording on demand
  • Reducing your license fees with our unique DLA (Dynamic License Authorization)

Data Collection

Crystal Quality allows integration with additional metadata information from several sources, providing extra data filtering criteria.

  • CTI – fully compliant with common CTI protocols
  • SDK & API – integration with 3rd party applications (like CRM)
  • SMDR – accepts SMDR information from PBX for call data
  • Agent Application – our unique tool for customer data collection
  • Easy agent – included application for agent ID collection (from windows user)

User Management

  • Group
    • Each user/agent may belong to a different group according to their job and skills. It doesn’t matter how complicated your organization structure is, you can manage it by assigning different groups.
  • Role
    • The access to any CQ feature can be restricted by a set of roles and permissions.
    • Pre defined roles can be assigned to each user/ manager.
  • User/Agent
    • The basic building block of an organization or call center, each user may belong to a different group.
    • Supports active Directory, LDAP.

Contact Lists

  • Easy to synchronize contact lists with your outlook
  • Support for LDAP
  • Import or export existing users from Excel for mass update

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