Crystal Quality Agent Application

As an application running on an agent desktop, Crystal Quality Agent changes many aspects of traditional recording systems. Call information passively acquired via D-Ch, CTI, SDK, SMDR, or Dedicated Recording Interface is no longer the only resource of data mining for call centers or CRM. With CQ Agent, you can actively select any data to be included in your database and indexed to recordings.

Crystal Quality Agent Features

  • Recordings can be initialized by agent or supervisor on demand
  • Built-in XML-based Questionnaire Survey template with up to 40 fields that can be fully customized according to your business rules
  • Auto Popup as calls arrive with all relevant call information to guide your agent through the call
  • Agent can insert data into the call record via text box, drop-down, pick list, etc. (for example, call type, sale/no sale, account number)
  • Add notes to call record
  • All customer data will be inserted into a central call database
  • With CQ APIs, CQ Agent can be seamlessly integrated into any third party application
  • Agent ID automatically acquired from Windows user login (Free Seating)
  • Live status view of calls
  • Stand alone player for agent calls

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