Crystal Live Monitoring

Crystal Live call recording provides you with a wide range of search and playback options for easy management of your recordings. Crystal Live is not only a recording solution, it is also a monitoring solution, providing you with a variety of tools to monitor your call center.

Crystal Live Recording Management

  • Export recording files to Microsoft Office or Excel
  • Easily modify what call information is displayed in result window
  • Save records in defined codec
  • Annotate files
  • Evaluate agent performance with a 5 star system
  • Tag select recordings

Search & Playback Options

Crystal Live provides you with a great selection of search & playback options to allow you to efficiently monitor calls. This system allows you to select any part of the audio clip and view customer and agent voices as separate wave forms. In addition, for select recorded audio files, you can add tags anywhere during recording, repeat from start to finish, save voice clips in multiple formats to meet your needs, make annotations, and even zoom in and out.


Caller ID/Called ID Call direction
Extension number Time duration


Multi-line recordings Agent performance Importance of records
Evidence Waveform Notes Played
Unplayed Notes Tags
Archived Screen recording included Reference number


Define by user according to business rules Up to 80 customized search criteria Can save frequently used search criteria combinations

Monitoring Options

Live Monitoring (Traditional View)

Crystal Live provides everything needed to monitor agents in real time.

  • Drag any extension into speaker icon to begin monitoring voice conversations
  • Each client is able to live monitor two conversations simultaneously
  • Recording replay can be started immediately, even if the call is not finished
  • The program visually shows you which agents, or extensions, you can live monitor screen activities

Live Monitoring Map View

The CL Map View provides a visual representation of a geographic map consisting of all servers, agents, and extensions allocated in real locations, and shows the system running status in real time. This allows you to monitor system running status including:

  • Call states
  • Connect for all components
  • Storage space
  • Database connection

If you would like to learn more about Crystal Live call monitoring, call or contact us today.

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