Crystal Live Dashboard and Planner

Crystal Live is not just a recording and monitoring solution, it is also an effective analysis tool. The dashboard and planner allow you to truly individualize your recording and reporting options as well as provide valuable data to improve customer satisfaction.

Crystal Live Dashboard

Operation efficiency statistics based on wrap time and working time can be used to gauge productivity. Call statistics reports can be presented as pie, column, or graph charts and can be exported to Excel. Number of calls and call duration statistics are based on:

    • Per day/week/month/year
    • Last few agents
    • Extension
    • Call direction
    • Customer self-defined information
    • Agent group & skill group
    • Extension number
    • User

Crystal Live Planner Strategies

Define your own strategy according to your business rules:

  • Record
    • Selective recording
    • Recording on demand
    • Business rules oriented recording
    • Sampling recording
  • Archive
    • Multi-locations
    • Multimedia
    • Business rules
    • User defined
  • Recycle
    • Objects
    • Strategy
    • Backup
  • Alarm
    • Routine examination
    • Triggers to alarm
    • When & how to receive
    • Specified destination
  • Statistic
    • Time based
    • Business type based
    • Call information based
    • Custom information based
    • Chart type

  • crystal live dashboard

    CL Planner enables you to:

    Record Selectively - based on extension number, agent ID, system calendar, call direction, working time, or business rules trigger

    Record on Demand - based on DTMF combination, supervisor initialize, and CTI events

    Sampling Recording - for Call Quality Management

    Archive - recorded audios and screen clips by location, business contents, user groups, or media

    Recycle - recorded audio and screen clips and databases by time or storage room

    System Maintenance - Performed based on your needs

    Audits - access audit trail and generate audit reports

    Statistics - real time statistics for operation status and generate reports

    License Fee Savings - set recording prioity for dynamic license authorization to save your license fee

    Crystal Live Archive

    • Storage Media
      • Local Hard Drive - Customer defined folder name
      • NAS and SAN - Customer defined folder name
      • DVD-RAM - Customer defined capacity and format, including Disc Image in case of failure during disc burning process
      • FTP Server - Customer defined upload time scope and bandwidth allocation
    • Archive Strategy
      • Classify According to Business Type
        • Customer Complaint
        • Agent Performance Evaluation
        • Data Collection
        • User Defined
      • User Defined via CL Planner
        • Extension Number/Agent ID
        • Call Direction
        • Time and Duration of Call
        • Caller/Called ID
        • Customer Private Data

    CL System Alarm

    Crystal Live offers a range of default system alarm triggers including:

    • CPU/memory status
    • Storage media/space
    • Recording stopped
    • Service stopped
    • Error for database connection

    Crystal Live System Alarm is compatible with a variety of email services to ensure that the client receives the alarm message. Compatible email clients include:

    • Gmail
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Lotus
    • Microsoft Outlook

    System Alarm Diagnostic Module

    Different from the traditional alarm system, Crystal Live Doctor collects all data and user tracks for analysis, intelligently locating potential risks to the system in advance.

    The system alarm provides three levels of warning:

    1. Warning
    2. Serious
    3. Fatal

    The system alarm diagnostic provides you with three ways to analyze the data collected:

    • Audit Trail - an aid for system maintenance and system security
    • Events - details for system running status, for developer analysis
    • Data Analyzer - to find unusual system running status

    If you would like to learn more about the Crystal Live Dashboard and Planner, call or contact us today.

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