Crystal Live Agent Application

When utilized on an agent's desktop, Crystal Live Agent enhances the conventional call recording system into a data mining resource. Agents can enter account numbers, call types, policy numbers, product types, or any data you may want to use to search for a call or run analytic reports against.

Crystal Live Agent Application helps your agents successfully deliver consistent, high-quality service across multiple interaction channels. The agent application features a built-in library of standard responses and a customizable scripting tool that makes it easy for agents to follow a standardized sales flow. Crystal Live's voice and screen recording system allows authorized supervisors to pause and resume recordings when collecting sensitive customer data. CL Agent enables more efficient outbound campaign management and makes utilizing the right resources to solve specific customer inquiries simple.

Cyrstal Live Screen

Crystal Live Agent Features & Benefits

  • Custom Popup - Enables your agent to enter unique data for each call or select from pre-defined drop-downs to save time. All this data is automatically indexed to the call for searches or reporting.
  • Small Footprint - Gives agents a visible guideline regarding customer interest.
  • Standard Response Library - CL Agent provides the interface needed to create your own Standard Response Library according to your business type, making it easy to craft and centralize consistent responses to frequently asked questions via email, voice, and live chat. The result is consistent customer communications and faster issue resolution.
  • Built-in XML based Questionnaire Survey Template - Fully customizable according to your business rules, enabling your agents to go through business operations in a consistent manner.
  • Integrated Soft Phone - CL Agent provides an integrated soft phone which places full control in the hands of your agents/supervisors.
  • Agent Initialized Call Recording - Integrating CL Planner, agents/supervisors are able to trigger or stop call recording and annotate on any recording for future query. Call recording also can be paused and resumed for blacking out sensitive data.
  • User Defined Data Centralization - All recorded audio can be automatically or manually uploaded to predefined destinations and all customer data inserted into a central database.
  • Customer Application GUI - Can be directly embedded into CL agent, no need to switch between applications.
  • CL APIs - CL Agent can be seamlessly integrated into any third party application.
  • Support - Both TDM and VoIP telephony environments are supported by Crystal Live Agent.

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