Crystal Live Features and Benefits

Crystal Live offers a wide range of benefits for call recording, making it the clear choice for your recording solution. Not only is this system easy to use, it is also a cost effective choice. Whatever your recording needs, Crystal Live is the ideal solution.

Technical Advantages

Secure - Crystal live utilizes a privately owned voice encryption algorithm, DTMF mask, SSL based data transfer, and audit trail to ensure that Crystal Live is the most secure recording system in regards to the PCI standard.

Redundancy - CL provides resilience in the form of N+1 and 1+1 redundancy that ensures system availability in the event of any component failure.

Simple Management - CL Planner, a unified interface, enables you to manage your CL recording system, and schedule your team in a logistic and easy way.

Scenario Reconstruction - CL provides you with a complete telephony conversation, for VoIP & CTI environments, no matter how many times the call was transferred, put on hold, or resumed.

Virtual Monitoring - Crystal Live offers a unique Map View Console for virtually monitoring systems running status, call events, and human-computer interaction (HCI).

Web Based - Since Crystal Live is a fully web based solution, you can easily access and manage your recordings any time and anywhere.

Energy Detection - Wave form, based on energy detection technology, makes it possible to quickly locate the gap for customer service.

Savings on Investment

  • Save on License Fees
    • Dynamic License Authorization (DLA)
    • Recording Priority on CL Plan Pro
    • Free applications including CL Dashboard and Alarm
  • Limited Hardware Requirements
    • Extra CTI, databases, and storage servers are not needed
    • Utilizes a hybrid recorder and is very high density
    • Available in turnkey, software, or assembly only kit
  • Save on HR Costs
    • User friendly simple design and architecture reduces training needs
  • Effective Support
    • Hands on support for every step of putting your recording system online
    • Multi regional support network for response times of less than 2 hours

Crystal Live ScreenCap

CL ScreenCap is an application that enables you to live monitor, capturing screen activities for all types of business purposes including service performance assurance and coaching. ScreenCap also allows supervisors to remotely control agents' desktops for immediate assistance. Some additional benefits of CL ScreenCap include:

  • Fully web based solution with unlimited scalability
  • Simultaneously replayed with audio recordings, but are saved separately
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into CRM system with Crystal Live
  • Innovative and fully compatible to PCI standard

CL ScreenCap Benefits and Features

  • Privately owned video compression algorithm, minimizes your network load without compromising the quality of the screen recording
  • Supports all screen resolutions, including 1920 x 1080P (Full HD)
  • User defined color setting between 8 bits (256) color to 24 bits true color to save storage space and reduce network load
  • Flexible recording options: total recording, sampling recording, on demand recording, etc.
  • Monitor up to 4 agents' screens simultaneously in real time
  • Remote control agent desktop for live support
  • User defined specific area of screen to be recorded
  • Annotate on any selected frame or add voice mark via external microphone
  • Does not need a dedicated server (for less than 256 agents)
  • All sensitive data is automatically masked and recorded videos can be encrypted to conform to PCI standard
  • A variety of Microsoft-native video Codec options including standard .AVI files for sharing and distribution
  • Easy to deploy and upgrade, application package is automatically downloaded from CL ScreenCap server side and executed
  • CIS unique DLA (dynamic license authorization) saves on license fees
  • Sophisticated APIs enable you to smoothly integrate our solution into your own system

If you would like more information about how recording with Crystal Live can improve your business through good quality monitoring practices, contact us today.

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