Crystal Gears TDM

Crystal Gears supports recording analog and digital phones with the CG TDM Box. To achieve this, the Crystal Gears software application is installed on your computer and the interface module, and the CG TDM Box is connected to the phone base.


CG TDM Box is an interface adapter that supports both analog (full CLID) and digital phone sets (recording from the handset, voice activated recording). CG TDM offers both voltage and energy detection capabilities, making it a total voice recording solution. In addition, GC TDM features programmable voltage thresholds and loop reversal detection to accommodate variations across analog networks. It also supports passive call recording on ground start and loop start analog networks and has voltage thresholds self-tuning capability.

  • Full Call Information Support (for analog phone)
    • Built-in Caller ID/FSK detector of CG TDM Box
    • All call information including Caller/Called ID will be captured
  • Voice Announcement
    • Play voice announcement to incoming calls to inform callers about telephone conversations being recorded

CG TDM System Architecture

CG TDM provides recording without interruption. Full call recording information, voice and data, will be captured using either analogue or digital recording:

CG TDM Analog Recording

TDM Analog Recording

CG TDM Digital Recording

TDM Digital Recording

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