Crystal Gears Features and Benefits

Call recording systems have become crucial to businesses of all sizes to ensure customer service quality, employee productivity, sales, and compliance to regulations. Unfortunately, traditional server based recording solutions can no longer meet the demands of such diverse business needs. Crystal Gears is the solution for flexible, cost-effective, smooth upgradeability, and centrally managed recording systems. Crystal Gears is a robust call recording solution that offers a wide range of benefits.

Crystal Gears Highlighted Features and Benefits:

  • Auto Login, Auto Hide - Enables users to define the CG to work exactly in the mode they want
  • Plug & Play, fully automated software installation and configuration
  • Software switchable between TDM to VoIP telephone environment
  • Search by combining up to 12 searching criteria enables you to located the records quickly and precisely
  • Instant Replay enables you to replay the call from the beginning while it is still recorded
  • Advanced recording file naming, you can self-define the format of your recordings
  • User defined folder structure helps you manage record audios in well-organized order and avoid potential system risk
  • Easy to use, user defined multi-language GUI
  • Save calls locally or on the network server for centralized monitoring and playback
  • Password protection
  • Compatible with any telephone set
  • Records and saves telephone calls on your PC hard drive in MP3, Microsoft GSM, Stereo PCM and PCM format
  • Automatic or manual recording for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Archive or saved files simultaneity to any hard drive or network drive
  • During a call, additional notes can be added to the automatic or manual initiated recording
  • High performance compression to save disc space
  • Export to Excel (Call information only)
  • Batch export to any user defined location (record files)
  • Past recordings can be E-mailed as attachments and archived for future reference, all the call information (date, caller ID notes, etc.) will be added also and sent automatically
  • Save recorded audio in MP3, Microsoft GSM and PCM in any user defined location
  • Ability to define minimum and maximum record length
  • Ability to enter pre-defined user name and extension number which will appear in the database of every recording

crystal gears profile settings

Powerful Search Capabilities

One of the most important Crystal Gears features is the robust search component. Past recordings can easily be found by using the integrated searching facilities. With Crystal Gears you can search by:

  • Date & Time (from to)
  • Call duration (from to)
  • Notes
  • Remarks
  • Importance
  • Name (the user name used to log in to the system)
  • Extension number (entered by user manually)
  • Caller ID for incoming calls (for VoIP and analog line recording)
  • Called ID for outgoing calls (for VoIP and analog line recording)
  • Direction of the calls (for VoIP and analog line recording)
  • Reference number

Playback Files

Once you have searched for your recordings, Crystal Gears offers a variety of useful playback options including:

  • Replay multiple records
  • Circularly or in sequence
  • Play, pause, & stop
  • Easy navigation through calls
  • Next, previous, etc.
  • Counter and Clock time on player slider


This versatile system is available in several different versions to meet your individual call recording needs.

  • Software Only
  • Soft phones
  • USB phones
  • VoIP hard phone support "Span to PC port" feature
  • CG TDM Box
  • Analog phones - full call information
  • Digital phones - without CID
  • CG VoIP Box
  • VoIP phone - full call information

If you would like to know more about the comprehensive recording features or benefits that come with our Crystal Gears call recording solutions, call or contact us today.

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