Crystal Distributed Recording Management Platform

Crystal Distributed Recording Management Platform provides a cross-platform management solution that provides access to unlimited recording stations no matter if they are desktop recorder, CG, or high density server-based recording systems like Crystal Live.

This platform allows you to manage your team members and agents in the most intelligent way and transform quality management with flexible call selection, streaming mode live monitor, and a wealth of call statistics report.

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Secure System

Crystal Live supports PCI-DSS (payment card industry) compliance guidelines built on SSL data transferring and categorizes the necessary calls as sensitive and restricted. This design gives you the ability to continue to record all call, audio and/or screen, for both compliance and dispute resolution, while providing security management at the user-level, with limited access to sensitive business data.

Easy Implementation

Crystal Distribution Recording Management Platform is easily implemented and highly effective in virtually any environment, including both TDM and VoIP, as well as across any number of geographic locations.

There is no need to install any client application; you can quickly gain access to any CG or CL end points you need through any computer by bridging to the Crystal Distributed Recording Management Platform central server. This technology ensures that no obvious network congestion will be experienced, even when you are accessing CG or CL end point via WAN. This means that all your agents and employees, worldwide, can be managed with the Crystal Distributed Recording Management Platform without the restriction of bandwidth. From a secure Web-based interface, you can easily manage unlimited CG users, perform real time live monitoring, search, and play recorded conversations from anywhere.

Powerful Search

Crystal Distribution Recording Management supplies a wide range of search criteria so that you can find the records you need rapidly and easily. In addition to the expansive search criteria, you can also save your most frequently used search combinations for your next query, saving you time. Once your recording is found, you can easily download it by double clicking it and saving it into a local hard drive or sending it via email.

Manage by "Group" or "Role"

Your organization might have different groups with specific skills. To save time, different accessibility can be conveniently authorized based on these groups instead of setting up per user. In addition, when members, belonging to different groups, work together for a special project, the permission inherited from their respective groups may not be applicable for the new project, so their accessibilities can be modified in the level of role.

With the ability to define accessibility based on both “Group” and “Role”, no matter how complex your company structure and contact center operation is, you can easily manage all users conveniently and logically.


Scheduling your Central Management can be based on a user defined calendar.

  • Schedule recording uploads to Crystal Distributed Recording Management Platform central storage server for each CG and CL end point
  • Schedule the archiving for all recordings for each branch in orders based on business rules, user groups etc.
  • Schedule the recycling for centralized archiving in case of lack of storage room

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