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Cisco IP telephone systems are used in small, medium, and large applications. With our connection options and add-on modules, you can determine the level, integration, and functions you want in your Cisco recording system.

Recording a Cisco IP phone system can be as simple as connecting into the span port on the Cisco Router or a switch enabling our IP recording system to record all of the calls on that CISCO Gateway. With this integration into the Cisco gateway, we can collect a great deal of call data in addition to the IP packets. Cisco Call Recording systems, including the Cisco SPA 300 Series recording system and the Cisco Unified Communications Series recording system, can include features like call detail reporting, agent evaluation packages and reporting, and full screen recording. With multiple options for recording systems that integrate with Cisco phone systems, we can easily help you stay within your budget.

If your recording needs are not elaborate, some of our Cisco recording options are the most cost-effective. If you only need a small number of IP phones recorded, you can even leverage your current network environment and network attached storage space to reduce your costs even more. CRC can make recording with your Cisco system simple and affordable and save you licensing fees. We have the ability to pull the data provided in the IP voice packets by recording using a simple mirror (SPAN) port. Hot Desking (or roaming profiles) can even be addressed using this method of recording. Our recording system has the ability to record your IP calls with call data and agent/team/department information. Alternatively, we can provide the Cisco Built-In-Bridge integration (BIB) and Forked Audio(CUBE) integration as well.

Request a demo today, or contact us to learn more about how we can help you record calls on your existing Cisco phone system. If you're not sure what features you need from your recording solution, use our online solution advisor at the bottom of this page to help guide you.

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