Types of Call Recording


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a system that sends and receives voice signals through a corporate LAN/WAN or the Internet. When a call is made or received using this system, voice signals are split into data packets, which are then transmitted over a data network to the call's destination. There, the packets are reassembled, and the original voice signal is reconstructed... Read More


Station-side call recording is a configuration that allows you to record outbound, inbound, and station-to-station calls to and from a selected pool of phones within your network. The recording device must be able to interface with your existing IP phones, and the phone model numbers must be known and available to your recording vendor... Read More


Trunk-side call recording is a configuration that allows you to record all inbound and outbound calls without using an independent recording channel for each phone you wish to record. If you have 60 phones receiving 30 calls at once through two T-1 carriers, 30 recording channels will be needed. Another advantage of this configuration is... Read More


Outbound call recording is employed by call centers that utilize a dialer. This type of recording requires that the recording device is interfaced with your dialer, not just your switch. Connection of the recording device and the dialer allows the calls to be captured separately. Otherwise, all calls from any phone would be recorded and saved as one continuous block... Read More


Random call recording can be a very flexible way for certain call centers and businesses to record calls. People often assume that this type of recording is the most cost-efficient. At the base level of functions and system integration, it can be, but not without the cost of other limitations. You can get started with random call recording at a relatively low cost, but in order to benefit... Read More

Business Rules

Business rules call recording enables you to define data conditions that trigger recording of live calls. Defining data triggers can reduce the cost of your recording system by ensuring you are only recording the calls and data that are relevant to your project. In most cases, integration with either a CTI package or business application is necessary in addition to a switch... Read More


If you are using SIP phones such as Asterisk, Switchvox, Trixbox, Fonality, 8x8, RingCentral, and more, our recording system is easy, powerful, inexpensive, and a snap to deploy. On your hardware or ours, a SIP recording system can be setup very quickly with all of the features your need to start monitoring calls...Read More


The Session Recording Protocol is used for establishing an active recording session and reporting of the metadata of the communication session. Session Recording Server (Crystal Quality) is an SIP User Agent that acts as the sync for recorded media...Read More

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