Home Office Solutions

Our single user recording system is ideal for home agents, small businesses, public safety officials, virtual call centers, or anyone else who needs the benefits and security of call recording. This affordable solution makes call recording simple for new businesses and independent professionals working out of their homes... Read more.

Small Business Solutions

More and more small businesses are now realizing that the benefits of call recording are not just for large businesses and call centers. At CRC, we aim to make call recording affordable and simple for businesses of every size. For small businesses, our solutions can provide FCC compliant call recording that can improve your customer service and decrease the chances of your company being liable... Read more.

Mid Sized Solutions

As more and more businesses realize the benefits of call recording, CRC leads the industry with the most comprehensive yet affordable call recording solutions available. Our powerful and customizable solutions can allow your business to improve customer service, reduce training costs, and comply with FCC regulations... Read more.

Call Center Solutions

CRC Call Center Reporting is the most powerful voice and data recording, logging, and management system available for large-scale outbound or inbound call centers. We have combined a wide variety of features including the ability to monitor, log, review, evaluate, retrieve, catalog, and organize calls and data... Read more.

PCI Compliant Solutions

If you collect your customers' credit card information, personal information, or other sensitive data, your business is required to comply with PCI regulations. This means that while recording, you are responsible for preventing that sensitive data from being recorded along with the rest of the call or screen capture. Confidential data cannot be recorded or stored at all... Read more.

Audio Conversion

Audio from existing, or old recorder, can be imported into our CQ recorder database and searched/replayed as an native file. Call Recording Center can also provide this conversion to have calls, and the call data, into a third party voice analytic tool. The audio is extracted directly from the media and convert it to WAV files. We also extract all of the metadata... Read more.

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