Increase Supervisor Productivity

CRC's team of experts handle installation and set up, saving you and your supervisors time. Our software is designed to increase productivity in many areas by allowing you to choose what is recorded and where. By recording based on the criteria that fits your needs and having calls automatically saved to a desired destination, there is no need for manual recording or organization of files.

Liability Recording

In the business world, it should be each company's priority to avoid unnecessary miscommunications that could lead to the loss of customers, profit, or credibility. Call recording can protect your business from potentially harmful miscommunications or liability claims.

Identify Root Causes

As a supervisor, the source of an issue within your company can be difficult to identify. By tracking agent behavior and efficiency using call recording, you can get to the root of the problem quickly, saving you valuable time. The integration of a quality monitoring system can also expedite this process.

Business Intelligence

Our software is capable of recording and indexing a variety of data with each call. Using total call recording, supervisors can easily pinpoint answers to operational issues that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain. Our systems are capable of integrating with a number of other tools, like quality monitoring or business intelligence software, or independently to produce operational savings and performance improvements.

Customer Satisfaction

The ability for monitor interactions between your employees and customers can save your time, money, and even your business. Call recording makes identifying and addressing performance issues simple. Reviewing problematic calls can be an invaluable feature of call recording when complaints or disputes arise, and can often prevent them from becoming a larger issue.

Quality Control

Quality control is important to ensure that customers can always count on consistently superior services. When building a client or customer base, consistently effective and professional communication is necessary. In order to assure that your employees are always producing a memorable and pleasant experience for your customers, our call recording systems can be used to maintain quality control. Quality control can also decrease the likelihood of a liable miscommunication. No matter the size of your network, our recording systems can provide a means to maintain the quality of your company's communication services.

Performance Reviews

When employing others to represent your company to the public, it can be difficult to gauge their performance from within the company. Our call recording systems provide you with a window into your employee - customer interactions that will allow you to evaluate the presentation, strategy, and productivity of your employees. You shouldn’t have to wonder whether your sales are being dragged down by poor employee performance. With a Call Recording Center system, you can review and analyze past and current calls, monitor desktop activity during call recordings, and send immediate feedback to your employees. Take the guesswork out of being an employer, and assess your employees customer interactions firsthand by recording calls and desktop activity.

Employee Morale

Identifying performance problems in your team can be stressful for everyone involved. Instead of addressing your whole workforce about the problems created by one or two agents, call recording can allow you to pinpoint the source of the problem. By reviewing the problem call or calls, your supervisors will know how to appropriately and discretely solve the issue without involving the entire employ of agents.

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