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The telephone is a key medium of communication between a business and its customers. Many companies employ a portion of their team solely to communicate with customers over the phone. Because each employee's effectiveness and quality of service may vary, it is important for supervisors and business owners to be able to monitor the interactions in question. Maintaining high quality customer service and sales that affect your business' revenue is made simple with our call recording solutions.

While telephone communication may be a staple of most businesses, other factors that affect call recording needs may vary greatly including the size of the business, type of phone system, purpose of recording, and technology needed to be interfaced with the recording system. Luckily, our team of call recording experts are able to provide the most efficient and affordable call recording solution on the market, regardless of your situation. Our solutions are equipped for every kind of phone, and can be tailored to suit the needs of a single user home office or a 10,000+ agent call center.

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For your convenience, our recording solutions have been organized into the following broad categories. These categories do not represent rigid or strict rules, but rather should be used as guidelines to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, you may browse our solutions by types of call recording. The type of recording system your company utilizes may be dictated in part by what kind of phone system or existing technology your business uses or the types of calls and data you wish to collect.

Whether your business could benefit from recording calls to improve customer service, enhance transaction recording, abide industry regulations, or to prevent verbal threats or harassment, CRC has the solution to fulfill your business' needs. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with maximal benefits at a minimal cost.

If you have questions about call recording or any of our services, please contact us or request a free demonstration CD today.

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