Personnel and Consumer Benefits

CRC Quality Monitoring Suite can not only benefit your company financially, but it can also provide many advantages for your agents, supervisors, and customers.

  • Identify Problems:

    Without quality monitoring software, it can be difficult or impossible to discern the origin of problems in the call center from a supervisor or owner position. This suite provides you with the tools you need to get to the root of the problem quickly before it spreads or becomes a bigger issue.

  • Employ Targeted Training:

    Don't waste time sending blanket emails or training an entire workforce based on an issue that one or two agents are responsible for. If the source of an issue is identified, training materials can be sent directly to that source and avoid involving agents who are on task.

  • Reward Top Performers:

    Motivate agents by offering rewards to top performers such as awarding them bonus points that can be redeemed for a variety of items including products, additional days off work, honorary parking spaces, and more.

  • Increase Sales Opportunities:

    Reduced agent turnover results in better trained agents who are ready to assess customers’ needs and understand how to handle issues. More reliable and informed agents result in a more loyal customer base that knows it can count on the business to provide excellent products and services. Additional agent training in up-selling or cross-selling with these loyal customers opens untapped sales opportunities.

  • Evaluate Software and Procedures:

    Evaluating agents alone can only do so much for your business. The processes and procedures they use on a daily basis are just as critical to their success. By monitoring voice and desktop activity, you can evaluate how the software and processes established for agents are working and consider changes when needed.

  • Share the Wealth with Business Intelligence:

    Obtain even more customer insight by tapping customers for direct, specific information about your business. Discover how well customers rate the delivery of a product or service or how likely they might be to return. Quality management can help to gather and share this kind of business intelligence, helping the contact center reach its potential as the hub of customer contact.

If you have questions about the benefits of using CRC Quality Monitoring Suite, please contact us today.

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