The powerful and flexible features of CRC Quality Monitoring Suite allow you to meet your call center's business intelligence needs and help your agents provide a higher standard of customer service.

  • Flexible Recording Options: Whether you need 100% of you customer interactions recorded for liability or a smaller sample for coaching or compliance, CRC Quality Monitoring Suite can meet your needs.
  • Multiple Channel Monitoring: Record all areas of your multi-channel contact center including voice only, desktop activity only, voice and desktop, or add email and web chat interactions.
  • Broad Compatibility: Whether using a traditional TDM PBX, a VoIP solution, or any combination, the right quality management solution should operate in all environments. This offers the contact center optimal flexibility as it considers how to migrate to new technologies.
  • Secure Report Sharing: You control the information users see, the reports they can access, and how they can handle a report.
  • Efficient Application Design: Side-by-side placement of the screen recording and evaluation form eases the evaluation of data processing tasks.
  • Versatile Forms Tool: Create custom evaluation forms that capture the key performance indicators you need.
  • Critical Marketing Information Collection and Analysis: Bolster your call center’s effort by collecting important marketing and customer satisfaction data to relay to product management, manufacturing, or other areas of your enterprise.
  • Multiple Evaluator Calibration: Multiple evaluators can review a single call in order to ensure accurate and objective agent scoring.
  • Custom Reports: Create virtually any style report your business needs to analyze all relevant data.
  • Automatic Performance Incentives: Using Quality Monitoring Suite, good work and improvement are rewarded automatically. Incentives can be set universally, by group, by program, or even customized for individual agents or teams.
  • Automatic Report Distribution: Save time and money using our report scheduler. After a simple configuration, the system automatically emails, prints, or saves reports at regular intervals.
  • Comprehensive Data Capture:
    • Service Observer: Listen to individual agent's conversations and view computer screens in real time. The suite includes agent evaluation forms that make individual performance reviews simple, accurate and objective. The interactive coaching mode lets agents listen to their own conversations under supervisor control to hear what is or is not working .
    • Workforce Management: Integrate agent schedule data from all popular workforce management systems. Quality Monitoring Suite holds this information and charts it against actual agent login and logout times captured from your PBX, ACD, or predictive dialer; or from HR system timecard information.
    • Telephony: CRC Quality Monitoring Suite captures ACD and dialer statistics including duration, calls per hour, and time and date. This data can be integrated with your scripting package to compute sales per hour, sales per call, conversions, and a wealth of other information.

If you are interesting in implementing this comprehensive suite in your call center, contact us for more information today.

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