Call Quality Monitoring

Call centers are the most customer-facing domains in the business world. Each call received by your call center has the potential to result in a sale, a new customer, retention of a customer, or, unfortunately, loss of a customer. The best way to ensure that your agents are delivering the quality of performance that you expect and that will create positive relationships between your company and customer base is to utilize quality monitoring software.

While quality monitoring was completed manually and on paper in the past, CRC provides an easier and more efficient solution with automated quality monitoring software. This allows owners and supervisors to evaluate the performance of their agents using a set of customizable key performance indicators. Call quality monitoring software is designed to improve your call center agents' performance and, ultimately, your business. This type of software serves call center operators and supervisors best in conjunction with reporting and analytics software. Luckily, we deliver the total package in our CRC Quality Monitoring Suite.

CRC Quality Monitoring Suite

A Comprehensive, Flexible, and Powerful Business Solution

CRC Quality Monitoring Suite is not just an agent evaluation tool — it's a whole suite of products that give you efficient evaluation, focused training, clear reporting, powerful analytics, and business intelligence. The suite combines quality monitoring software with agent coaching and our comprehensive analytics and reporting tool to provide you with the information you need to improve your call center.

Each component of CRC Quality Monitoring Suite can be customized to suit the specific needs of your business. You can choose to monitor voice only, voice and desktop, email or web interactions, all calls from start to finish, or a sample of calls. The reporting component provides 26 standard reports that allow you to collect data based on agent, team, site, form, scoring subsection, or time frame. If you don't see the exact report you need, you can create custom reports using a variety of data sources and specifications. Using the report scheduler, you can distribute reports automatically to whomever you designate on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to ensure your quality monitoring process continues without interruption.

While much of the business intelligence you need can be gathered from within your call center via recording and evaluating, this suite also allows you to input data from other sources such as workforce management programs, payroll, ACD statistics, and more.

If you have questions regarding our powerful CRC Quality Monitoring Suite, please contact us today.

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