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CRC Call Center Reporting is the most powerful voice and data recording, logging, and management system available for large-scale outbound or inbound call centers. We have combined a wide variety of features including the ability to monitor, log, review, evaluate, retrieve, catalog, and organize calls and data, as well as near real time verification of voice, email, chat, and fax transactions to bring you the most comprehensive and flexible system ever created. As a testament to our mission to provide technology and solutions that are reliable, efficient, and affordable, CRC Call Center Reporting is the best value on the market.

Ultimate Recording Flexibility

If you're concerned about your call recording solution's flexibility, look no further. By hosting the largest selection of features and recording variables, CRC Call Center Reporting allows you to record what you need in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Choose host, programmed, or agent controlled recording. Record whole calls including transfers, or only the segment of the call you need. Record calls and desktop activity simultaneously to verify orders in real-time or make data correction easily. Link to your preferred database management program. Once you've decided what and how to record, your options continue in data storage. Store data in any selected database or browser, and copy calls and data on DVD, CD-ROM, or digital tape.

Exceptional Value in Call Recording

CRC Call Center Reporting gives you the most state-of-the-art recording features compared to any competing product on the market at a significantly lower cost. Because CRC Call Center Reporting is fully scalable, it is made to save you money in the long run by easily growing with your company without straining your budget. If your business is dealing with call recording issues as a result of running an obsolete system such as a DOS or OS/2-based call recorder, CRC Call Center Reporting can affordably replace your old system. As a replacement, our system can provide substantial savings compared to the original vendors' "forklift" replacement. In many cases, this transition can be made even easier by our ability to transfer existing databases and archives and integrate CRC Call Center Reporting to the same host and PBX interface software.

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