Our analytics and reporting tool revolutionizes report generation and distribution with incredible new power and flexibility. Interactive report cards let your agents know how they’re performing; term reports give a broader picture; trend reports let you see what direction your organization is heading. Even agent evaluators can be assessed for accuracy and efficiency. This powerful tool’s standard development platform enables anyone to write and run these powerful reports. 26 standard reports are provided that allow you to collect data based on agent, team, site, form, scoring subsection, or time frame. Custom reports can also be imported via Crystal Reports. Our program's unique task management features let administrators set tasks to be carried out at a given time, automatically, and its security configuration makes sure people have access only to the information they need.

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The objective data traditionally made use of by contact center reporting packages—call length, number of calls, call outcomes etc.—just can’t cut deep enough to give a clear picture of the true performance of your agents and call center operations. Your agents are the center of your universe and objective data such as ACD statistics alone miss all the most important elements of a successful coaching and agent optimization program. Average call length tells you nothing about customer satisfaction—your slowest agents might be among your best if they are taking advantage of up-sell opportunities or handling the toughest customers. This kind of critical knowledge, can only be gained through the kind of subjective data produced by CRC Quality Monitoring Suite. With our quality monitoring suite, reviewers are able to analyze calls and score them in key performance indicators that are specific to your organization. Are agents sticking to the script? Do they have the ability to deal with a customer’s questions? You can find the answers to these questions and more with our comprehensive and flexible suite.

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