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Call center reporting can add to the functionality of your recording system in many ways. While recording and monitoring screen activity, you will collect copious amounts of usable data. Our analytics and reporting tool is designed to let you get the most out of that data.

  • Choose which data points are relevant to your business goals to create custom reports
  • Funnel your raw data into a comprehensible format
  • Distribute reports to the people who can make changes based on results
  • Schedule Automated reports to be printed or emailed throughout the company
  • Make the most of the data you are already collecting by recording calls
  • Gain insight and business intelligence to discover where the company strengths and weaknesses lie

In all of these ways and more, call center reporting using our powerful analytics and reporting tool can improve your agent-customer relationships, increase company efficiency, and help your business grow.

For more information about call center reporting or how this feature could benefit your business, contact us.

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