Business Rules

Business rules call recording enables you to define data conditions that trigger recording of live calls. Defining data triggers can reduce the cost of your recording system by ensuring you are only recording the calls and data that are relevant to your project. In most cases, integration with either a CTI package or business application is necessary in addition to a switch, but the cost of such integrations can be mitigated by savings on hardware, recording, and storage costs.

By integrating your business rules recording system with a CTI package, you can decide which calls are recorded by designating a class of ANI, DNIS, extension, call type, or any other category provided by your CTI. Business applications may be used to define parameters such as a specific data field on the agent's desktop or caller's account number. Integration with a business application is simpler and more affordable than one might imagine. We are able to establish and test this integration for you. Business rules work with either station-side or trunk-side configurations, and can be used with random call recording as well.

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