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Avaya telephone systems are the easiest to use and have the most options when considering a recording system. With Avaya, we can offer your company the widest range of connection and pricing options. We can configure your Avaya recording solution with any of the different types of call recording.

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Our recording systems are compatible with all Avaya (formerly Lucent Technologies) phone systems, including (but not limited to) Definity, Definity G3, Communication Manager, Merlin Magix, Partner, Merlin Legend and Avaya IP Office. With Avaya IP Office, we have the ability to pull the data provided in the IP voice packets by recording using a simple mirror port, eliminating the need for Avaya TSAPI licenses, DMCC licenses, professional services, etc. We can even integrate recording into Avaya CTI solutions like CMAPI, AES Server, Avaya CT, CentreVu CT and Avaya Passageway.

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If you only need to record a small number of phones, you can even leverage your current network infrastructure and network devices (like SAN and NAS) to reduce your recording costs even more by utilizing our Avaya recording system. If you need a robust random call recording system that won’t bust your budget, we can provide a CEMS system with more features than the big systems, for about 20% of the typical cost. The flexibility of our Avaya systems in the types of configurations, integrations, and pricing packages we offer is unmatched in the industry.

Supported AVAYA Systems:

PBX Type Phone Set Types VoIP Recording Support
DEFINITY 2400 Series
6400 Series
7400 Series
8400 Series
Call Master I, II, III, IV, V
XM24 Module
Merlin Magix 2 wire 4400
S8300, 8500, 8700 2400 Series
6400 Series
8400 Series
Call Master III, IV, V, VI
IP Ofiice 2400 Series
5400 Series
6400 Series
One-X Quick Edition (SIP) Yes (SIP)

Request a free demo CD today, or contact us to learn more about how CRC can help you record calls on your existing Avaya phone system. If you're not sure which features you need from your Avaya recording solution, use our online solution advisor located at the bottom of this page to help guide you.

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