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Call recording helps you to build stronger relationships with your clients, create better training for your agents, and to gain valuable insights on the efficiency of your business. At Call Recording Center, we partner with companies that provide call recording tools, solutions, and technology that will meet your business's needs.

Our Partners

  • Crystal Innovation Solutions (CIS): By partnering with CIS, we provide you with high-quality multimedia recording and monitoring systems that are designed to work with a variety of environments, including TDM and VOIP. CIS's solutions are customizable to meet the needs of your company, allowing you to configure your system for either total recording or business oriented selective recording options. This system works for businesses of all sizes and gives you the ability to monitor and manage your system to evaluate, report, and assess your employee's performance. By understanding the behavior of your customers and your employees, you are able to make effective training and business decisions that will enhance your company's customer satisfaction, overall performance, and total revenue.
  • Lightico: Our partnership with Lightico gives your business the opportunity to do more over the phone. By implementing their technology, you are able to empower your employees to better assist your customers. This platform provides your sales and customer service associates with the ability to share files, create documents, capture e-signatures, and more during the phone conversation with your customer. By working with Lightico, your business is able to improve your customer engagement and satisfaction all while boosting your company's sales.

Call Recording Center provides your company with phone recording solutions that will enhance and improve your business. Our partners give you innovative and up to date technology that will allow you to better interact with your customers, train your employees, and operate your business.

For customizable call recording solutions that will meet the needs of your for company, call or contact us today.

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