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For over 20 years, Call Recording Center has been providing innovative solutions to a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large call centers. With a background in both sales and support aspects of the call center industry, CRC has the unique ability to understand the varied needs of call centers based on the perspective of both business owners and their customers.

Our experiences with multiple phone systems and recording systems enables us to not only offer the products and services you need, but also expertly install and implement the system.

We provide systems...

For Any Size Center:
  • Small centers
  • Single sites
  • Large centers
  • Multi sites
That Record...
  • All calls
  • Specific calls
  • On-demand
  • Agent screens
  • A subset based on business rules
  • Agent Screens
That Provide a Variety of Features:
  • Live monitor agent calls and screens
  • Collect business data directly from your applications and index them to the call and/or have the agent manually enter data to the call
  • Integrate to your CRM
  • Dashboard - call/agent data
  • Agent evaluations
  • Agent scorecard
  • Web user interface

Call Recording Center, a published expert in the field, has the experience and knowledge to solve any recording issue. Contact us today to discuss your recording needs.

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