8 Reasons to Lease Your System

By: Steve Martin

Call Recording Center makes it easier than ever for you to put quality call recording, workforce management, quality monitoring products, and expert support to work for your business. Our complete, competitive financing program provides you with sensible, affordable alternatives. Our leasing program provides you with a long list of financial advantages, including:

1. Off Balance Sheet Financing

Lease payment obligations are normally periodic operating expenses, which may not need to be reflected on your balance sheet.

2. More Capital, Improved Cash Flow

You get all of the advantages of ownership without making a significant initial cash outlay. This frees working capital for other projects, and because each lease payment is a fraction of the purchase price, you enjoy the benefits of a healthier cash flow.

3. Budgeting

Chances are that your call center budget can more readily accommodate a lease payment as opposed to a much larger cash outlay.

4. Inflation Protection

The money you use to make lease payments months from now will probably have less purchasing power than today’s dollar because of inflation. This means you’ll be getting more value for your dollar, per your fixed lease agreement, as the lease progresses.

5. Open Credit Lines

Leasing equipment usually keeps bank lines and other credit sources open and available for growth and investment opportunities.

6. Avoid Obsolescence

Leasing provides an affordable opportunity to upgrade to new equipment when the lease expires. Simply return your existing call center equipment and we’ll upgrade you to the latest product offering. You always have the opportunity to purchase your system or extend the lease.

7. Affordable Payments

Periodic payments on a lease contract are much smaller and much more affordable than the total purchase price. This helps budgeting and cash flow management.

8. Fixed Costs, Fixed Schedules

Terms are fixed for the length of the lease. This simplifies bookkeeping and makes it easier to develop your budget.

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